Just six days ago, on Friday 23rd September, hundreds people from the Bagnoli’s neighborhood, the rebel city of Napoli and territories all over Italy have brought their fight against speculations, consumption of territory and “commissionering” (a way to bypass the democratic system and the decisions of populations) in front of palazzo Montecitorio, the location of the national parliament in Rome. This was the first, great reaction during this year of the people that, from south to north of Italy would defend their territories and build a new model of development not based on consumerism and speculations, but on the humans and the respect of environment, beauty and social rights.
We have felt a strong déjà vu when we have known the story of NeDa(vi)mo Beograd and of their fight against the new Belgrade Waterfront.
We have seen the same exclusion of populations in the political decisions and the same lack of democracy, the absence of a State that bent to the interest of a rich and powerful minority.
Exactly as for the Italian cases of Bagnoli, Tav, Ilva, Muos we say NO to those injustices and we are near to our brothers and sisters, to the people and the mates of Belgrade that tomorrow, 29rd September, will be another time in the streets of the city to reclaim their city from below!
We are tired and sick of “top-down” policies that are imposed over our heads and have nothing to do with the general interest within society! The Belgrade Waterfront development plan, exactly like in Bagnoli’s case, will generate a strong gentrification process, kicking out the local population, especially the poor and the already marginalised part of community, and create benefits only for the wealthy. The whole idea behind the development project of the Belgrade’s Savamala district is to create luxury flax and shopping malls for the rich. This model of “development” is a disgrace and we will not accept it!
Even if from afar, tomorrow we will support the people of Belgrado in their struggle: a new time of rebellion from the cities is starting!
Stay tuned!

Massa Critica Napoli

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Demonstration of the 25rd of May
Demonstration for Bagnoli in Rome of the 23rd of September 

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